FREE Audacity Audio Reference Sheet

FREE Audacity Reference Sheet

A simple printable Audacity reference sheet offering a visual overview to help you locate the tools needed when editing audio. Speed your knowledge and navigation. FREE to download.

Joint Authorship Agreement

Joint Authorship Agreement

This Interactive Form helps multiple parties establish their share of intellectual property based on agreed percentage. It also allows for clear understanding of who has what rights when collaborating on a podcast production.

Podcast Listener Survey

Interactive Podcast Listener Survey

This Interactive Podcast Listener Survey Form is perfect for requesting feedback from your audience. Email it out or provide it as a downloadable link in your show notes. The best way to discover what your audience wants is to ask.

Talent Release Form

Podcast Talent Release Form

Retain control over your intellectual property with this interactive talent release form for your podcast guests to sign to avoid potential claims in the future. A simple agreement is better than none.

Podcast Idea Planner

Podcast Idea Planner

Improve the process of developing your show topics and track your progress to develop your episode.

FREE Time Zone Planner

Time Zone Planner

Print and Laminate this World Time Zone Planner and use it as a quick reference to connect with global guests.

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