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YouTube Channel Review

A YouTube channel audit provides detailed feedback to help you focus your content strategy and grow your viewership with proven steps and approaches.

This audit includes 2 x 45-minute online video chat consultations and a report for you to action. The process is as follows…

  • Initial Questionnaire for you to fill out.
  • 1 x 45 mins initial consult to discuss goals and existing approach.
  • We conduct audit of up to 9 videos.
  • 1 x 45 mins review and to offer our findings and suggestions.
  • Actionable report and proposed strategy for you to action.

After purchase fill out the initial survey. Once complete we will follow up with you to arrange the best time for the initial consultation.

Please note: This service and process may take up to 3-4 weeks to complete from initial purchase date.

Initial Consultation

  • Your goals and your ‘Why’?
  • Your pain points
  • ¬†Existing workflow
  • Existing knowledge
  • Existing promotion

Analysis Conducted

  • Channel Branding
  • Channel SEO
  • Video Content
  • Video Pacing and Editing
  • Thumbnails and Titles
  • Audience
  • Search Ranking

Review - How to improve

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities
  • Channel Branding and SEO
  • Video Content
  • Video SEO
  • Your Click Through Rate
  • How to Increase Reach
  • Ways to Improve Subscribers

Sessions are recorded for your reference and a content strategy action plan will be created and forwarded to you to execute recommendations after the final consultation. (Note: Sessions will be conducted in English.)

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