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Podcast Marketing Strategy
learn to podcast online course modern media school

Podcasting Course for Business Content Marketing

Looking to podcast for profit, to build brand awareness or authority then this in-depth podcasting course is for you. Here I teach you how to create a podcast for maximum impact with practical lessons, methods & advice.

Content Strategy
Craig Rowe Podcasting YouTube Coaching

Private Consultancy for Reach, Brand & Revenue

Ready to level up your content, brand or business? I will help you understand the algorithms, accelerate your learning and grow revenue using digital content like podcasting, livestreaming, social audio and YouTube.

Digital Download
Podcast Launch Checklist Applaudible Modern Media School

Successful Podcast Launch Strategy Guide Checklist

I am invested in your success; offering you this 20-Step Guide to help you plan your successful podcast. This guide is a key resource for any individual or business looking to start a podcast. Don't miss a step.

Includes Consultation
YouTube Channel Audit

YouTube Channel Audit Providing Growth Strategies

Have you started your YouTube channel but it is not gaining traction? I've been there and there are strategies that can help you grow quicker. Allow me to audit your channel and make actionable recommendations.

Actionable Advice
Podcast Show Audit

Podcast Show Audit to Improve Performance

Would you like to improve your podcast? I can help. I will review your show and provide you with actionable recommendations to help you improve your quality, content creation and workflow.

Live Document
Episode Planner Product Image

Podcast Episode Planner

Creating amazing podcast episodes can be overwhelming, so I want to help you improve your process. This Interactive Re-usable Digital Template will easily help you plan awesome podcast episodes and track your progress.

FREE Time Zone Planner

Time Zone Planner

Speaking with people across the world. Get an idea of their time zone at a glance to help co-ordinate the best time to chat. This FREE hi-res time zone planner is printable. Laminate it and stick it to your wall.

Develop Ideas
Podcast Idea Planner

Podcast Idea Planner

Developing the topic ideas for your podcast episodes is an evolution, so I want to help you improve your process. This Re-usable Digital Template will help you expand your topic ideas and improve the planning process.

Improve Process
Audio Editor Advice Form

Podcast Editing Advice Form

Keeping track of the editing process to avoid missing something has never been easier with this simple audio editing workflow to track and advice of edits needed.

Simple Contract
Talent Release Form

Podcast Talent Release Form

Retain control over your IP with this interactive talent release form for your podcast guests to sign to avoid potential claims in the future. A simple agreement is better than none.

Super Easy
Podcast Listener Survey

Interactive Podcast Listener Survey

An Interactive Survey Form perfect for requesting feedback from your audience. Share it with your listeners and use a call to action to discover what your audience wants.

Get Agreement
Joint Authorship Agreement

Joint Authorship Agreement

This Interactive form helps multiple parties establish their share of IP based on agreed percentage. It helps identify who has what IP rights when collaborating on a podcast.

Self Paced
Get Started Fast Podcast Course

#1 Best Podcasting Course for Beginners

Looking to start a podcast fast? In this self-paced podcasting short course, I will teach you how to record, edit, upload and distribute a podcast. I will give you practical exercises to help you get started as soon as possible.

Cheat Sheet
FREE Audacity Audio Reference Sheet

FREE Audacity Reference Sheet

A simple printable reference sheet offering a visual overview to help beginners locate the tools they need when editing. Speed up your knowledge and navigation. FREE to download.

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YouTube Incubator Training Course

YouTube Incubator Program (North Brisbane)

The "YouTube Incubator" is training for solopreneurs, coaches and consultants to fast-track, launch a YouTube channel, Podcast or Live Stream.

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